July Weddings 2016

5 more weddings in July, what seems to be the hottest month of the year! Whew!

July 2, 2016: Samantha & Michael
Samantha & Michael were married at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Cookeville, TN; the reception was at Del Monaco Winery in Baxter, TN. The church is large and beautiful, and we always love filming at the Winery as well – it’s a great venue space, inside and out! Samantha was beautiful in her white dress with jeweled tank sleeves and deep V neckline; her waist was surrounded by an intricate jeweled design that lead to a jeweled-design back as well. Her girls wore short silver-sparkled dresses. Michael and his groomsmen wore grey tuxes with a bright purple button up, with a bright blue and purple boutonnieres. Their day was pretty and fun and ended in fireworks and sparklers.

Their love story, as told by Samantha:
       “Mic and I met during our junior year of high school. A friend of mine set us up. The first time we met, we just drove around and got to know one another. We went on our first date at a Mexican restaurant, which was one of the only restaurants in my small hometown. Neither of us ate the salsa and chips because we were so nervous and if you know me, you know those are my favorite! About 2 weeks after we started hanging out on April 16, 2010, Mic asked me to be his girlfriend, and we have been together ever since!”

Favorite part of the day:
       “My favorite part of the day was driving to the winery with Mic after the ceremony was over. It was the first time we were alone together as husband and wife, and it was just so surreal. I was so at ease because I was seeing that everything had come together as I had imagined”

We worked with some awesome vendors for this wedding! Amber Rena Photography did their photos and did an amazing job as usual! She’s so great to work with. They used the same food vendors as we did for our wedding: Blue Coast Burrito (Talk about some yummy tacos!!!) and Kathey’s Kakes and Catering made the cake. Five Diamond Productions was the DJ, and we love them so much. They always make the reception SO fun. Shauna Driver from Lafayette, TN provided the bright, beautiful flowers. Congratulations again to Samantha & Michael! Here is their Intro:

July 9, 2016: Taylor & Justin
Taylor & Justin were married at The Grand Reserve in Lexington, Kentucky. The website’s description of the space is: “There are so many cool things about this venue, you wont know what to look at first! It is loaded with so many different textures…  From the moment you walk in you can not help but notice the backlit 45′ x 12′ iron bar and steel bar. Look right and find the a 150-foot stretch of red brick. This wall was built in the 1870’s, it has with exposed limestone footings and 3 original distillery windows. Look left to find 2 linear miles of staggered bourbon barrel staves. This wall is like no other that you will see anywhere! Hanging from the ceiling are seven custom steel chandeliers that mimic bourbon barrel rings. Lastly, don’t miss the double doors that combine to weight of over 700 lbs. These solid oak doors look just like an oversize bourbon barrel!” It really was a great space to film. Taylor was gorgeous in her sweetheart neckline, jewel covered, fitted dress that had tulle at the bottom that flared below her hips. The girls wore long, cream-colored dresses with an elegant halter neckline. The men looked very sharp in their grey tuxes and gold ties. Justin’s reaction after their first kiss during the ceremony was pretty priceless, and they both just looked like they enjoyed their entire day. Their dance floor stayed full and their wedding guests/party were fun to watch as well.

Their love story, as told by Taylor:
       “Justin and I are both University of Kentucky grads and we met while we were in college. We had the same friend group but didn’t date right off the bat. We were great friends that loved each other’s company. We were both the outgoing, loud people in the group that loved dancing and laughing. He played almost every sport growing up and I was a soccer girl so we shared a common interest in living an active lifestyle. Our personalities clicked, and our love took off. We found our purpose and strength through Christ as our relationship flourished.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “To boil our day down to one favorite moment is so hard! Seeing each other for the first time during our first look was pure bliss. The craziness stopped for a moment, and we were able to have a great chat before we got back to the whirlwind. We absolutely loved walking into the reception and seeing all of our closest friends and family that have loved and supported us over the years. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better day!”

We worked with Ben Keeling Photography this day, a great photographer out of Lexington, KY. Angela Sallee was the wedding coordinator; not only was she great to work with on our end, but her multiple positive reviews from brides show how much they love her as well. Kelly “KJ” Jennings was the wedding officiate. The cake was made by Ashley Carter. This wedding was so fun overall! Here is their Intro:

July 16, 2016: Sara & Charles Smith

Sara & Charles were married at Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness Area in Sparta, TN. It is a TWRA Wildlife Management Area in historic Scott’s Gulf and is a GREAT place to get married. It has tons of outdoor space, a big red barn, perfect for a reception, and it also has a small house in which the bride got ready. We have filmed several weddings here, and they have all been beautiful; the backdrop is incomparable. Sara was beautiful in her sweetheart neckline, detail covered dress with a sparkle belt, full skirt, and with a long lace trimmed veil. The guys wore khaki pants with white shirts and handsome brown vests. Rain threatened all day, but held off with the humidity sticking around, which didn’t seem to bother Sara or Charles much! The ceremony was centered around God, and Charles’s sweet grandpa prayed for the couple at the end.

Their love story, as told by Sara:
       “When Charles and Sara think back to their story and how they met, one thing comes to both of their minds. God truly had HIS hand in their lives. They first met in 2010 at Matt and Amber’s apartment in Cookeville. Although Charles had his eye on Sara, she didn’t have a clue. Her heart was not ready for him at the time, and God knew this. Sara didn’t know, but Charles would ask Matt and Amber about her off and on for about a year or two. Unexpectedly one night they saw each other with Amber and Matt again. They both remember like it was yesterday. He was skinning a deer, and still laughs saying “It was a GREAT way for you to see me all bloody and not looking presentable.” Looking back, it is evident that Sara’s heart was ready as she began to look at Charles a little different than she had before. God had begun His work in their hearts. They hung out that night with friends, and the entire time he made her laugh and she was genuinely happy. He stuck close around her and seemed to make a point to get to know her more. He seemed different, in a good way, than any other man she had ever met before (besides her daddy). Amber even told Sara one morning that she thought he was SMITTEN over her. Sara had been praying without ceasing for God to send her the man she was going to marry. Obviously, God was answering both their prayers and they had no clue. They started officially dating on January 18, 2012. Charles did little things that reminded Sara of her Daddy like using toothpicks after dinner, singing in his handsome voice, and driving a Ford truck. She had been looking for a man like her daddy to sweep her off her feet. And Sara was the woman of Charles’s dreams. They both became more and more “smitten,” and both knew without a doubt they were in love. They began praying for God to show them His will of marriage for their lives. Charles proposed on Thanksgiving day 2015 with Sara’s entire family circled around them after prayer. It was so tender how he told her how thankful he was and how much he loved her. It touched her heart. They thank God for both of their prayers being answered. They thank Him for their unity in marriage. Without HIM they know they would be nothing and they give HIM all the glory.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “Our favorite part of our wedding day was our first look. 🙂 “

First of all, the details of this wedding were fantastic! Between Sara, the wedding planner (Heather Copeland), and the florist (Deborah’s Designs), everything looked amazing! We worked with Lindsay and Brandon Photography, with whom we somehow had never worked before! They are based out of Cookeville as well, so it’s very strange that we are just now meeting them. They are both a joy to be around – so professional, kind, and full of life. The pictures from the Smith wedding are outstanding. Linda’s Cakes and Catering provided the food; Phyllis Yap made the cake and cake pops. Tyrone Carver was the DJ who kept the part going, and ceremony musicians were Dimas Aranda, Todd Arnold, and Glenda Nelms. Here is their beautiful Intro:

July 23, 2016: Hannah & Kelby
Hannah & Kelby were married at the Talon Winery in Lexington, KY. This venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces and is so pretty! Casey spent all morning with Hannah and her bridesmaids as they got ready for the day. Hair was by Tie the Knot Hair, and all of the girls’ looked fantastic. Hannah’s dress was from Twirl Lexington and looked amazing on her. It had a sweetheart neckline with a lace overlay with lace sleeves; it fit her snugly past her hips then flared out in a full skirt. The back was see through with numerous buttons down her spine. The girls wore a periwinkle blue dress, all with different necklines – I loved them! The bouquets were gorgeous, pastel colored and full, made by Natural Endeavors. Here is Hannah’s video!

Their love story, as told by Hannah:

       “Kelby and I have known each other since middle school and even had classes together in high school, but didn’t become close friends till freshman year of college at UK. We had mutual friends that always hung out together and pretty much saw each other every weekend. It wasn’t until after 2 years of friendship that we would finally admit our feelings for each other and we then begin dating on August 16, 2013. Exactly two years later, on August 16th, Kelby took me on a day long date that later led to his proposal at Talon Winery. He had everything perfectly planned out and even had all of their friends and family waiting for them for a surprise engagement party.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “There are too many moments to pick, but I really loved our first look because it gave us time to be with each other alone and it just really calmed my nerves for the rest of the day seeing him before the ceremony. I of course loved the reception and getting to celebrate and have so much fun with all of our friends and family. The whole day was perfect regardless of the 100 degree heat!”

We worked with On a Whim Photography, who are absolutely fantastic! Here are some photos from Hannah & Kelby’s wedding. Divine Soiree planned and coordinated. Tinker’s Cake Shop created the beautiful cake, and DaRae & Friends Catering provided the rest of the food. It was a HOT day, but it was such a great day regardless. Here is their Intro!


July 23, 2016: Emily & Zach
Emily & Zach were married at Allardt Presbyterian Church in Allardt, TN, and the reception was at the home of the bride’s parents. This wedding was special for me, because Emily is in my “Stage One family.” We have been dancing together/with Ms. Jennifer since we were very young, and we have grown up dancing in classes together. Emily has a fantastic personality; she’s honest, sassy, kind, and a hard-worker, and she made the most beautiful bride! Her dress was smooth and elegant, with a sweetheart neckline, a jeweled belt, and a full skirt. The girls wore one-shouldered, long dresses in different shades of purple, and the guys wore grey tuxes. She and Zach have been together forever, and we were all so happy to watch them tie the knot.

Their love story, as told by Emily:
       “Zach and I went to school together from first grade through high school. We were only classmates until around the 7th grade when he got the hots for me. 😉 In 7th grade we started “going out” which consisted of sitting beside each other at school events, occasionally going to the movies on Friday nights, and talking to one another only a little. For Christmas that year, Zach got me a silver bracelet that said “I Love You”. Before 7th grade was over, our love had fizzled, and we moved on to a friendship from then. We stayed friends for awhile, but we went our separate ways at some point in high school. About midway through our senior year of high school, we started talking again and hanging out. Soon we decided to make things official and began dating. That summer, Zach decided to join the Navy and left a year later. That began the real trial of our relationship, but we made it through five years of long distance including a 9 month deployment. That Christmas he was deployed he sent me a silver bracelet just like the one he gave me in 7th grade. He had found it while in the UAE. Those two bracelets are now some of my most prized possessions. A year later, Zach proposed. We were ready to get married, but had to keep pushing back the date so I could finish graduate school. Finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel for me with grad school, so we set the date for July 2016. I love our story so much. We both grew to appreciate the long distance and the time we waited to get married. It allowed us to grow and mature individually and together. Now Zach and I are ready and looking forward to our life together. (Sorry, that’s not too short!)”

Favorite part of the day:
       “I have two favorites because I’m not good at favorites. My first favorite part was walking down the aisle to Zach. I was so happy to be in that moment because we both had waited so long for it. I was so sure about it, too. I was confident in our choice to marry each other and knew how much he loves me. Also, he looked pretty handsome! My second favorite part was our reception. I looked around and saw our family and friends there to celebrate with us enjoying themselves. The decorations we had worked so hard on looked just the way I had pictured. There was a feeling of happiness all around me that I hope everyone could feel. It was a good day.”

We worked with Brittany Lea Photography for this wedding, and they were great to work with. The wedding cake was made by Three Sister’s Cakes, and the groom’s cake was actually made by the groom! The reception was at Emily’s parent’s house, and even though it had poured the rain earlier in the day, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Everyone pitched in and cleaned up before the reception, and it was perfect there, with a small forest of trees that provided a beautiful backdrop for photos. These two were made for each other. Here is their Intro!