June Weddings 2016

SIX weddings in June! We loooove June. It’s our wedding month, too. 😉

June 4, 2016: Rebecca & Jason Vaughn
Rebecca & Jason were married at DelMonaco Winery & Vineyard in Baxter, TN. We love this beautiful indoor/outdoor venue and have been honored to film there a few times. The staff there is fabulous and always makes the transition from indoor ceremony (like this one) to indoor reception so quickly and smoothly. There is also a great outdoor space, and, of course, the gorgeous vineyard. Jason and Rebecca seemed to care about one thing almost as much as they cared about each other: the guests. They stayed and talked with the guests right up until the ceremony time and then spent a great amount of time talking with everyone at the reception as well. It was just one big family and friend reunion, and it was wonderful. We should also talk about Rebecca’s dress; it was gorgeous with beautiful pearl and rhinestone detail over the bodice with a scalloped sweetheart neckline and a skirt that filled out at the bottom. Loooooved it.

Their love story, as told by Rebecca:
       “Jason and I met when I was hired at the company where we currently works. He was my supervisor for the first year I was here. Eventually I was transferred, and our friendship was able to become something more.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “Our favorite part of our wedding day was the ceremony. It could not have been more special and personal to us.”

We worked with Shane Hawkins Photography, whom we had never worked with before. Both Shane and his wife, Beth, are very kind and great at their job; it made the day so enjoyable! His Facebook page shows some beautiful previews from the Vaughn wedding. Catering was by Grade A Catering and was DELICIOUS as always! Here is their Intro! (PS I love their first look!!!)

June 4, 2016: Karley & Paul Berard
Karley & Paul had a destination wedding in Nashville, TN! Karley was one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen with a Martina Lliana fit and flare wedding gown, covered in lace and tulle with a sweetheart neckline and a low back. Her veil was stunning and covered with lace trim and sat delicately on her head. Her bridesmaids wore white shirts with scalloped necklines tucked into blush pink skirts from White House Black Market – so unique! Paul and his guys looked handsome in navy Calvin Klein and tuxes and bow ties. The chapel was SO quaint. It was small but intimate and perfect.

Their love story, as told by Karley & Paul:
       “Her story…It was summer and I was 20. Since I didn’t go to high school in the area, my friends were few and far in between during my three summers that I spent living at my grandparents house in Rome. So when I got a call from Steve Schooley, an acquaintance I had talked briefly with at a party in Madison, I was ecstatic to have something to do on this 4th of July. Usually I was always trying to hang out with my sisters and their younger, slightly annoying friends, much to their displeasure. Well I was invited to a 4th of July party in Rome, WI and it was a lake party with boating and food and beer and maybe some dancing, which I thought sounded just dandy. Looking back, I probably should have asked who would be at the party, because none of his “girl” friends showed up, or thought maybe Steve’s trying to “see about me” as a girlfriend. But that never crossed my mind. Like I said, I was 20 which equates to young and naïve. And I’m glad that I wasn’t the precocious young adult that my parents had always wanted, because I wouldn’t be marrying the man of my dreams next year.
       “When I arrived at Tyler’s house, we sat outside on the back deck overlooking Lake Camelot. I had on yoga pants and a swimsuit top, and was actually a bit nervous since, as a tweener at East Junior High, I had remembered Tyler who was two grades ahead of me. Tyler was definitely “cool” and I was totally “not as cool”. So Steve says that we are waiting on some people, and we wait. I’m eating something, and two guys walk out to the deck. Both guys have long curly hair that would be called “10’s shag”, a popular haircut at the time for twelve year old boys (although, I am a sucker for curls). Paul sits in a chair across from me and we introduce ourselves. He’s wearing gym shorts, no shirt, Birkenstock sandals, and a punk style earring that was a bar across the top of his right ear with two black pearls on either side (Maybe an ode to his Dashboard Confessional days?). There was less than lukewarm interest at this point.   
       “An hour and a few beers later we were on the boat. Tyler was driving, and Paul decided to sit next to me. I could tell that he was a really nice guy. He made me laugh, and was definitely silly. It was right around sunset time Paul looked at me, cracked a joke (and I can’t remember about what) and smiled. I don’t know if it was the sunset colors glowing behind his head, his curls blowing in the wind or the beer, but I fell head over heels with that smile. I giggled. Hours later after the fireworks, the guys decided they wanted to go out to the pub so I offered to drive. Mrs. Dahl was very concerned about my state, until I walked the line for her. Yes, Mrs. Dahl made me walk the line for her, and I passed with flying colors thanks to all of those ballet classes mom put me in. So we all jump into my 1980’s something gray Thunderbird and we go to good ‘ol Trails End. We managed to run into a few problems on the way…like for example, everybody was in their swim wear and was still all wet, or someone was missing a shirt or a shoe, and… a cop sees that my back brake light is out and pulls us over. Yes, we’re pulled over by a Rome cop.
       “I roll down the window and proceed with the usual: the license, the registration, the story. Story was that I told my dad about the light, and he was planning on fixing it tomorrow. I didn’t know how to fix a brake light, so I had to wait. The cop looks at me, and takes a look at all the guys stuffed into my car, and I see the pensiveness creep into his face. You know, it’s a little ironic that in these situations, when there is a woman driving a car for a bunch of drunk males, she looks responsible. But at every other time, we’re considered irresponsible drivers. Whatever the cause was for this cop’s mercy, I do not know but am grateful. He let us all go and told me to get my light fixed. Bam! Just like that my cool meter rocketed up to a ‘very cool’ status. My street cred was on the up. I stopped at my nana’s house on the way and asked if my mom, who was staying there, could drive us to the pub so that I could relax, and she agreed. So she drove us down the block to Trail’s End, to an empty pub where we sat and talked and drank.
       “So at this point in the story of how we met, I knew I liked Paul, but if you’ve ever met Paul you would know that he will be clueless until at least two weeks later when I just have to plain ‘ol ask him on a date because he’s just not getting the hint. I didn’t want to come off as too interested at first so I just tried to play it cool and talk to everyone. My mom was on the other side of the bar talking to Paul and taking shots of water with him as a joke. He also bought me a vodka shot, and we all did our shots at the same time. Jokester. After that, my mom took me home and then took the guys back to Mrs. Dahl’s house, and the night was over. The next morning was unbearable. I realized that I forgot to get his number. After all that! So what do I do? Call his younger brother and feign that I needed his number so that I could tell him where his car was that morning because I was certain that he had forgotten where it was from the night before. I’m not sure if I ended up getting the number from Matt or from Steve, but I did get his number.
       “And that’s that. Seven years later, lots of long distance, and a lot of growing up later, here we are getting married. I couldn’t be happier to find someone who is truly my equal and loves every bit of me. He’s the most amazing man I’ve ever met, inside and out.
       “His story…On a hot summer July 4th day after college I met Karley at a friend’s house. It was a fun filled day and night, ending with Karley eloquently talking to the cops at midnight before taking us all home. I was instantly drawn to Karley, as was all of my other friends. Luckily for me, she was also drawn to me, or, as she puts it, picked me. She made sure to let my friends know to have me call her. We subsequently met up in Madison during my last summer before law school. Soon after meeting Karley my friends all knew I was captivated by her. I wanted to spend every day with her. We had a great summer and enjoyed many fun nights and not so fun mornings. I knew Karley was someone special and continue to believe the same today. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our two adventurous souls.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “Our ceremony and Paul’s face when he saw me!”

Their fun wedding reception was at Aerial in downtown Nashville, an amazing rooftop venue that overlooks the busy streets of Nashville. Brandon Giles played at the reception, an amazing pianist with his rock band…Casey’s favorite part? When he, literally, lit the piano on fire! It was one of Casey’s favorite reception bands ever. We worked with Lindsay Campbell photography at this wedding; Lindsay is a sweet and SUPER talented photographer, and her photos from the Berard wedding are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. Here is their Intro!

June 11, 2016: Christine & Steven Moore
Christine & Steven were married at Jesus Our Risen Savior Catholic Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This was our first wedding in South Carolina, and we always get so excited about filming in new states! Christine was a sweet bride, and her husband Steven is actually a professional billiards player, which was so cool! Christine wore a beautifully textured gown with a soft sweetheart neckline, and Steven wore a classic black tuxedo.

Their love story, as told by Christine:
       “When I was first introduced to Stevie in late 2008, the very first thought that went through my mind was: ‘Wow, I am going to date this guy…’ But life was busy at the time, as I was going into my 3rd year of chiropractic school and also in the midst of ending a previous long term relationship. Stevie was just coming out of a long relationship as well, and each of us were preoccupied with our own lives at the time. I did make a point to visit Red’s Bar & Grill (where we were first introduced) one more time in 2008, in hopes of catching another glimpse of Stevie. As luck would have it, he was there, and my then boyfriend asked if I would let Stevie sample some moonshine we had. We spent about 10 intense minutes joking and sipping moonshine… the feeling was so intense, we knew we had to separate (I was still in a relationship I was planning to leave). We carried on with our busy lives, and on March 15th, 2009 I remember pouring my heart out to God at church that Sunday morning, asking him to ‘Please help me move on and be the woman God wanted me to be!’ After ending my previous relationship at the beginning of that year, I thought I would never love again… but thankfully God showed me different, and He did so quickly. I had just finished my 3rd State board exam that weekend of March 15th and was exhausted, but my friends convinced me to go downtown on that Sunday night for some live music at Sonny’s Brick Oven Pizza… And boy am I glad they did! As I sat there talking on the phone with a girlfriend, I saw Stevie walk through the front door! It’s amazing how in the midst of ending my previous relationship and working hard to pass my boards, I literally forgot all about meeting Stevie until he walked through that door at Sonny’s Brick Oven Pizza. And to show up that very same day as I poured my heart out to God, asking for help to move on… looking back I know it was all a real blessing. I walked up to him, re-introduced myself, and we enjoyed the evening talking all night with my friends. He walked me to my car, asked me for my number, and he’s been calling me ever since! 😉

       “After I graduated chiropractic school in March of 2010, things went a little haywire as I contemplated jobs in Florida and Texas. I ended up moving back home to take a job outside of Asheville, NC, and the stress of everything ended up in Stevie and I taking a break from our relationship. A year later, we missed each other and decided to try again. Only after another year, Stevie had to move to Las Vegas for work. We separated yet again, as the long distance was not something we felt we could practically make work. Stevie spent over a year in Las Vegas. It was a long time for each of us to focus on ourselves, and what we each wanted. The whole time I missed him dearly, but it was a blessing to be able to really have time to be by myself. I know during that time of separation, God was working in both of our hearts and lives. In September of 2013, I accepted a job position that brought me back to Spartanburg SC to teach at the chiropractic college I once attended myself. A few months later, Stevie’s job in Las Vegas had ended and he also came back home to Spartanburg! It was fate, we were both back to where we first met, and we knew this time it was forever! We got together, and it was like we never separated. He proposed to me on June 14th, 2014. We postponed our wedding date until I was finished with my post graduate degree, but we were SO READY and excited to share that special day with our family and friends.”

We worked with Farrah’s Photography and Event Services for this wedding, and we are super fond of Farrah and all that she does. Here is a link to photos from the Moore wedding! The reception was at Maddox Vineyards, and Event Rentals, Inc provided the tent and lighting. Moe’s Original Bar B Que – Asheville, NC provided the fantastic food. Lisa Foster Floral Design created the pretty bouquets. The entire thing was coordinated by the Foothills Bridal Connection, they are SO great to work with! Here is Christine & Steven’s Intro!

June 18, 2016: Adrienne & Andrew
Adrienne & Andrew were married at Homestead at Cloudland Station in Chickamauga, GA. TheKnot website has a great description for this venue: “Located near the foot of Lookout Mountain, the Homestead at Cloudland Station is a Chickamauga, Georgia, setting featuring a rustic barn that was originally hand-pegged by Amish craftsmen more than 150 years ago. Just a few minutes from the scenic downtown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this accessible venue boasts a combination of agrarian charm and contemporary comfort. Open for private wedding celebrations, this elegant facility is equipped to handle ceremonies and receptions.” It was our first time at this venue, and it was beautiful! Casey spent all day with the sweet bride and her bridesmaids. Hair was by Salon 30A, Abbi Crawford and Summer Eller. Makeup was by Courtney Brice and Chelsea Sadler. These ladies turned Adrienne and her girls into stunning beauties for Adrienne & Andrew’s big day. I LOVED Adrienne’s dress! It was two piece I believe, with a short, fitted lace dress with a full tulle skirt that she wore on top, which was removed for their reception exit. Her bridesmaids wore comfy coral dresses with straps that you could change around to make your own style – they looked really good in all their different strap configurations! And their bouquets? BRIGHT, bold, and so lovely, created by Bud and Floral Home. See all the details in Adrienne’s “The Dress” video!

Their love story, as told by Adrienne:

       “Andrew and Adrienne met while in college at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). However, they didn’t start dating until Adrienne’s 2nd Senior Year at UTC, aka, in 2012. They hit it off on their first trip to Mardi Gras together. When they came back from Mardi Gras, they went on their first real date. On their first date together, they saw a movie, got ice cream at The Ice Cream Social downtown and walked the walking bridge. Three years later, Andrew convinced Adrienne they were going to play bocce ball with their friends in Coolidge Park, but before they decided to walk the bridge. While on that bridge Andrew got down on one knee and asked Adrienne to spend the rest her life with him. Adrienne of course said yes! Moments after their proposal some of their closest friends met them on the bridge and popped champagne bottles.”

Aprons Strings Catering provided the delicious food, and Kimmee’s Cakes provided the beautiful cakes. We worked with Shannon Smith from Shannon Smiles Photography, who provided the couple with some great photos from their day. We partied with Terry Haywood from DJ Terry at the reception. Chattanooga Tent Company provided the tent, and The Meeting Company provided the chairs. It’s always good to know of wedding rental companies! We loved this wedding with its sweet couple, fun wedding party, and beautiful colors. Here is their Intro!

June 18, 2016: Lauryn & Evan Betterton
THIS wedding. As Lauryn would say, “I love it so much.” Lauryn & Evan were married at the Nashville City Club in downtown Nashville, TN. The view from this venue is so impressive, and you the couple got married right in front of the window, so you could admire the view the entire time. This wedding was super special to me, because Lauryn and I have been close friends for, like, 17+ years. We used to take gymnastics together when we were little, and then we danced together for many years after that. We look a little similar; so much so that people would often get us confused in photos of us from the side or of us from far away. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, and I was super honored to be in her wedding. I love this girl so much, and she looked A-MAZING on her and her long-time love’s wedding day. Her dress. was. so. stunning. The top was fitted to her waist with a soft sweetheart neckline and was covered in pearls and clear jewels, and the skirt was soft and full, with many layers. Lauryn was a princess. We wore long coral colored dresses with a deep V; they were super sassy and pretty. I love how Lauryn cries in this video right before she put her make-up on just because she thought about marrying her beau. I also love the bridesmaids’ first look, even though I’m in it. Watch Lauryn’s “The Dress” video here:

Their love story, as told by Lauryn
       “Lauryn and Evan met in 2008 when she was a freshman and Evan was a sophomore in high school. After a year of begging and pleading, Lauryn finally decided to give Evan a chance.They officially started dating on April 13, 2009. Lauryn was 16, and Evan was 17. The two grew up but (thankfully) didn’t grow apart. Lauryn went to school at Belmont University in Nashville, and Evan went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Because Evan is always a gentlemen, he spent most of his weekends in Nashville, because Lauryn hated leaving her favorite city. In 2010, Evan got the perfect job in Columbus, Ohio and made the move north. Their long-distance relationship became a little more long distance. On April 27, 2015 during one of Evan’s weekends in Nashville, he got down on one knee and asked Lauryn to spend the rest of her life with him. She sobbed uncontrollably and then said yes. In July 2015, Lauryn took her dream job with Phi Mu Fraternity, which then took her all over the country. Long-distance became super long-distance. After 7 years of love and airplane tickets, Lauryn and Evan (FINALLY) got married on June 18, 2016. They were surrounded by the people they love the very most in the world, and it was far and away the best day of their lives.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “You’re making me pick a favorite part?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’m giving you a list. I’m so sorry, but I can’t pick just one. Pick what is your favorite out of this list:
—My bridesmaids reaction to seeing me in my dress
—The band singing to us before the wedding
—When the doors open, and I could finally see Evan
—Reading our prayers to one another
—Evan being called “Chad”
—Our first married kiss
—Coming into the reception
—The toasts
—Our first dance
—My dance with Joseph (the auction dance)
—Phi Mu serenade
—Our exit”

Jennifer Dotson-Creter, our dance instructor from Stage One Dance Studio was the day of coordinator. She has helped to coordinate all of our weddings. The venue design coordinator was Gina McCane, who made everything so lovely. Their photographer was the fabulously talented Wendy Twit. Lauryn recently had time to post all of the photos from the wedding, and I love every single one of them. Sparta Flowers & Gifts provided the elegant bouquets (I still have mine, dried out, of course). The pretty cake was by Dulce Desserts. Chair rental was by HH Elegant Events. Lauryn & Evan’s music was excellent. Audio rental was by Nashville Sound Rental; ceremony music was by Maggie Adams, who has a beautiful voice; the reception DJ was Ross Collier; cocktail hour music was performed by Jim Trace and the Makers (THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD). I love Lauryn & Evan; here is their Intro video! I’m so happy for you guys!

June 25, 2016: April & Garrett Horner
We were partial to this wedding as well, because Casey & Garrett have been friends for yyyeeeaaarrrssss now, and we were both so happy to see him marry his sweet bride, April. April & Garrett were married at the Knoxville Zoo. Casey was in the wedding as a groomsman, and he hung out with the guys all day, and I got to be with the girls all day. April is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, and all of her bridesmaids were very sweet as well. They had a great time getting ready this morning, and all helped with each other’s hair and makeup. April was a lovely bride and was simply glowing, with pearls sprinkled throughout her hair and wearing a strapless dress that wrapped around her waist, with a skirt that flowed out from her hips. Her girls wore flattering green dresses with white belts around their waists. April created hers and her bridesmaids’ bouquets herself with bright blue and yellow daisies. Here is her “The Dress” video!

Their love story, as told by April:
       “April and Garrett met in Kuwait, a small and very hot bit of the Middle East. Both had left the US in search of adventure, by way of teaching abroad. They soon realized that they had a lot in common, but also were well balanced by the things they did not have in common. After a whirlwind of dating and international traveling, Garrett proposed on the trail to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal. It must be true love, because April said yes, even though they were both on day nine without a shower! One international move to the Philippines and a year and a half later, they got married in the Knoxville Zoo surrounded by family and friends. They plan to live happily ever after, wherever after may be.”

Favorite part of the day:
       “When Garrett pulled out a scroll during the vows! But my most favorite was just being surrounded by people who loved us and were happy to celebrate us. Since we live so far away, that time is really precious.”

We loved this wedding because we love this couple. We are both so fond of Garrett and his fun personality and of these two together; they have such a unique love story. We worked with Katie Bohannon for photography, who did a great job. Ashley Hackney coordinated at the Knoxville Zoo. The DJ was was KnoxVegas – so fun! The caterer was Simply Southern Catering, and the food was yummy. Here’s April & Garrett’s Intro!